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American Funds Presents

A Guide to Investing in an Election Year

with Britney Melvin

Webinar Information:

Date: October 7th

Time: 3 PM PST

Location: Zoom

Britney Melvin

How to invest with confidence in an election year

Presidential elections can be divisive and unsettling. At times, the fate of the world seems to hang in the balance. But when it comes to investing, do elections really matter all that much?

U.S. voters will have their say on November 3, but by maintaining a long-term focus, investors can position themselves for a brighter future regardless of the outcome at the voting booth. In fact, overreacting
to short-term volatility during election cycles can be detrimental to investment returns.

In this guide, we address top advisor questions about investing in an election year, drawing insights from our analysis of over 85 years of investment data across 22 election cycles.